Touché | Essentials of Passion

Surfing the Internet, you’ve probably found many different sex toy websites and manufacturers. These others don’t have Touché’s unique tactile forms and technology, which are designed to provide sensations you’ve previously only dreamt of. Here you’ll find a growing gallery of all our innovative sex toys and pleasure products.

We’re very proud of the toys we’ve launched, including some brand-new toys with exciting new functions which you’ll find on this site… All to extend and enhance your enjoyment.

What do you think of the Masturazor, the world’s first bikini-zone shaver combined with a soft touch vibrator, or the Mystique, the world’s first dual function cock-ring?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently bought one of our beautiful toys or received one as a gift, or if you’ve simply heard about Touché and you are curious about what makes Touché toys special -what we call the Essentials of Passion- you’re very welcome to explore this website.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Touché and much more. Just click the navigation buttons above and enjoy the Essentials of Passion.

Touch your Passion and enjoy!