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These Touché balls will bring you to ecstasy. Wherever you are, pleasure vibrations run through your body. The only thing you need to do is to use them vaginally. This 100% silicone toy adapts to your body temperature super-fast. Your body movements will provide you with a never-ending massage for your own enjoyment. This will also keep your PC muscle fit, which will provide even more pleasure during sex. Many combinations are possible; you may use 1 or 2 light or heavy balls. Plenty of choice for extra pleasure.

  • Waterproof for shower pleasure
  • Ergonomic design for effortless insertion
  • 100% silicone, adapting to your body temperature fast
  • Possible combinations: Single ball: 30g, 40g, Duo balls: 60g (30+30), 70g (30+40), 80g (40+40)
  • Size balls: 4 x 3,3 cm each

article numbers: 50015/50065
colors: Serene Pink & Pure Purple
waterproof: yes

the royal family of
sex toys!


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