After months of preparation we were finally ready to launch Touché.


Welcome to the pinnacle of pleasure products – the royal family of sex toys!

Our intention was to develop products that not only have the looks and performance expected of great sex toys, but which would also be reliable and above all safe. All this while being a particularly welcome addition to your –and your partner’s- love-life. Importantly we accepted that years of experience designing and manufacturing adult toys was not enough; we went back to fundamentals when creating the Touché range. We listened to our customers and responded to their ideas, passions and fantasies in the development of our toys. Careful choices were made about using the best materials -Touché use medical-grade silicones- while not compromising on the power or controllability of their functions. Creating a range where products compliment each other, our designers proudly succeeded in their brief; to produce a selection of brand-new toys, each offering tantalising possibilities for erotic experiences.

Of course we want to tell you much more about our beautiful products; Touché! You, the customer, are our VIP. Your health is our number one priority; this is why all our products are 100% phthalate-free. We don’t compromise on your safety. To maintain our high standards, all Touché products are independently tested in the world’s leading sex toy testing laboratory.

We use only the best materials and techniques in the manufacture of our products and that’s why we give you a one year warranty on the motor and guarantee against the silicone tearing under all reasonable conditions of use. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the ‘Essentials of Passion’ when using our Touché products. Passion really is one of the most beautiful gifts!

Touché | Essentials of Passion

the royal family of
sex toys!


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