Massage Hearts

The Touché Hot Heart Massager uses an inventive technology to provide relaxing heat therapy anywhere, anytime. Just snap the round metal activator and watch the liquid “miraculously” transform into soothing heat crystals in seconds…

• How to use: Gently bend metal disc to activate the crystals. Knead heart to soften the crystals. Apply the heat pack to the desired body area.

• How to reuse: Place the heat pack into boiling water. Boil for approximately 10 minutes until the crystals have dissolved. Let the heart cool down after boiling before reactivating.

Productnumber Small Pink: 50119

Productnumber Small Purple: 50120

Productnumber Medium Pink: 50121

Productnumber Medium Purple: 50122

Productnumber Large Pink: 50123

Productnumber Large Purple: 50124

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