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The silicone we use for Touché adult toys is also used for medical purposes and tested by one of world’s leading laboratories. Every country has different product laws, so all our adult toys are tested and approved for each country individually. It doesn’t matter were you live, America, Europe or Australia, Touché is approved for use under the laws of your country or territory.

Touché is the only adult toy supplier in the world to make their test reports publicly accessible, via our website. If you want to download these reports, click here.


Safety Advise

  • Sexual diseases can be transmitted by adult toys.
  • Don’t share your vibrator with other people.
  • This product shouldn’t be used by pregnant or menstruating women, or anyone with a medical condition it could adversely affect without consulting a doctor prior to use.



Touché silicones are so smooth that you won’t normally need a lubricant for vaginal use. If you wish to use a lubricant we suggest water based products. Water based lubricants intended for internal use are ideally suited for contact with intimate mucous membranes. Ensure the lubricant you choose is dermatological tested, perfume-free, and odourless. Most water based lubricants are also latex and condom safe and are developed for regular use.


Toy cleaner

All Touché products are designed to be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. A specific toy cleaner is not usually necessary. If you want to clean your toy with a toy cleaner we advise you use a moist cleaning towel with a NON alcoholic base. Suitable cleaning towels are gentle and hygienic and are intended for cleaning intimate areas or products. Check that they are suitable for sensitive skin and mucous membranes. Most toy cleaners use a non-alcoholic base and are safe for latex, silicones and other types of rubber.

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